Managing your fonts

January 29, 2009 § Leave a comment


With the purchase of a new Mac comes the purchasing of a lot of new software.

Whether its Adobe Creative Suite, Micrsoft Office or Toast, the dollars can rack up rather quickly. After all that, the last thing you want to do  is spend your money on  font management software.

The font software that we use at my work is Extensis Suitcase Fusion. This software runs about $100. I know the price is rather nominal, I just thought it was a bit much following the spending spree I just went on.

So what did I end up doing?

I purchased my Mac late last year and discovered Font Explorer X. The download was free and it offered the same features as Suitcase Fusion. I really thought I had beat the system with this one.

Unfortunately, with the turn of the new year the software was upgraded. This upgrade was only available through purchase. Normally, the software costs $80, but if you buy before February 28 the software is 50% off.

So I shelled out for it. Good idea? Bad idea?

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