Olympic bid logos: Tokyo

June 10, 2009 § 5 Comments


Onward we go onto the other Olympic bid logos. Today’s city: Tokyo!

Of the four potential Olympic host cities, I would have to say that Tokyo’s logo might be the most disappointing. While I enjoy the incorporation of the rising sun into the logo, as well as the hairline-thin type style, the symbol of the knot is what is losing me.

I have found out that the knot is in fact a musubi, a traditional Japanese symbol for blessings during times of celebration. While this is all well and good, the symbol doesn’t seem worldly enough to appeal to a wide-range of viewers.

On the other hand, it has taught me a little about a Japanese tradition, so maybe I am being too narrow-minded in my critique of it.

So what is better? To have a worldly-inclusive symbol, or one that highlights the culture of the host city?

§ 5 Responses to Olympic bid logos: Tokyo

  • tokyo5 says:

    I think the Tokyo Olympic logo is the best of the four…it’s very Japanese.

    Do the other three candidate cities’ logos represent their culture in any way?


  • lildavy08547 says:

    The Chicago logo and the Rio logo both have an aspect that represent their cities.

    Chicago’s being the star; there are four stars on the flag of Chicago, each representing a great event in Chicago history. There is talk of adding a fifth star if the city is awarded the Olympics.

    Rio’s mountains and coastline are represented in the symbol above “2016”.

    While neither of these are as truly cultural as the musubi, they both represent their respective city.

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