Blurb: Friend Or Foe?

December 29, 2008 § Leave a comment

imagesRecently, my wife and I created a book of our wedding photos to give as gifts to our loved ones as Christmas gifts. A friend of ours pointed us to Blurb.

The website looked great and the prices were reasonable, so we thought we would give them a try. As the holiday approached, we noticed that Blurb started posting printer deadlines. Being someone who works regularly with printers, I could see that we needed to get the files to Blurb as quickly as possible and more than likely expedite the shipping (in case anything went wrong at the printer).

Long story short, we got the files to the Blurb on time and upgraded our shipping to two-day. Our book did not ship on the day that Blurb told us it would. It, in fact, shipped 4 days after they said it would. To make matters worse, we were leaving for my parents on the 23rd of December and we needed to have the books before then, so that we could wrap them and get them to other family members who wouldn’t be making the trip.

We eventually received the book at 6:00pm the night we supposed to leave for my parents. We got them wrapped and delivered to where they needed to be in a jiffy.

So what is it? Blurb: Friend or Foe?

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